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Minor Return Transportation Coverage

When you’re a parent, your kids’ safety and well-being are your top priority. In emergency situations, however, your child may be left unattended if you require air or ground ambulance transport. That’s where Minor Return Transportation Coverage comes in, ensuring your child is safely returned home during a crisis. It’s one of the many valuable benefits offered with certain MASA plans.

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What is Minor Return Transportation Coverage?

In case of a medical emergency where you need to be transported by air or ground ambulance, Minor Return Transportation Coverage provides services and covers expenses associated with returning an unattended minor child to a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult.

This coverage applies when you require emergency air or ground ambulance services, transport by ambulance between hospitals, or repatriation (the process of returning you to your home country or region) to a hospital near your home.

Why do I need Minor Return Transportation Coverage?

In a medical emergency, your focus should be on receiving the necessary care and treatment. But if you’re a parent, you might also be concerned about your child’s well-being. Having Minor Return Transportation Coverage gives you peace of mind, knowing that your child will be cared for and returned home safely if you are unable to be with them.

This coverage not only arranges and covers the cost of your child’s return transportation but also provides a qualified attendant to accompany your child if their age or medical condition requires it. This ensures that your child has the necessary support and care during the return journey.

Minor Return Transportation Coverage in action

Imagine you’re on a family vacation when you experience a severe allergic reaction, that requires immediate air ambulance transport to a hospital, and your young child is left unattended.

With Minor Return Transportation Coverage, MASA arranges for your child to be safely returned home to a designated guardian, such as a grandparent or close family friend. Your child is accompanied by a qualified attendant on their way home, ensuring their safety and comfort.

Once your child arrives home safely, your designated guardian can take over their care until you or your spouse can return. Meanwhile, you can focus on your medical treatment and recovery, knowing that your child is in good hands.

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